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How can technology help you combat the damaging effects of hard water in your home? How do water softeners and similar appliances work? Learn all about the technological solutions that exist to improve water quality as well as the fascinating science that goes into these solutions in the articles below.

Comparing the PENTAIR Pro Elite™ to the competition.

Running softened water throughout the home is a life-changing experience with immediate benefits.

Texas is a leading state in the US for water hardness.

Hard, unconditioned water costs Texas residents untold sums each year in higher energy bills, cleaning supplies, and appliance replacement.

Pro Elite™ PENTAIR Patented Leading Technology for Advanced Water Filtration

According to the experts at Houston Water Solutions, the exclusive PENTAIR Analyzer on the Pro Elite performs 24 hours a day – even during power outages

All About Water Quality

Water quality has a much larger effect on a home than most people realize. What makes hard water “hard,” and how do its properties differ from those of soft water? Learn all about the things that can influence a home’s water quality and the effects this quality has on day-to-day life in the articles below.

Signs You May Need A Water Softener

In order to remove a high concentration of magnesium and calcium from hard water a water softener filtration system is used. What the water softener filtration system does is removes all of the magnesium and calcium from the water and then the water continues its natural journey through the plumbing system without any further interruptions. […]

The Hard Facts About Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem faced by residences and industries. Hard water becomes hard because of mineral content as opposed to the soft water of rainwater that is pure without any mineral content. Hard water causes problems because the mineral content reacts with metals and other minerals causing damage. In industrial settings hard water […]

How to Check for Hard Water

If a home has hard water they are referring to water that is high in calcium and magnesium ions. This will leave the scale behind on the pipes and will even leave this scale behind on the dishes. People even get dry skin and damaged hair due to the hard water. There are some ways […]

How Do Water Softeners Soften Water?

Are your sinks becoming filled with limescale build-ups day in day out? Wondering what’s the problem? Well, you don’t have to be stressed up. You might be experiencing adverse effects of hard water in your home. Therefore, going for a water softener is an ultimate choice in solving that. There are innumerable reasons why softening […]

The Dangers Of Floodwater Contaminants
Insight from Your Houston Water Softener Experts

Flooding can cause a lot of damage. Not only can flooding damage a home, but it can also do a lot of harm to drinking water. There are some reasons why flooding is very dangerous especially to the water that people drink. Contaminants If flooding occurs and water levels go over the watershed, contamination of […]

Effects Of Hard Water
From Your Water Softener Company in Houston, TX

Hard water is common in Texas, but how it may affect your health isn’t always common knowledge. Water is a good solvent and easily picks up impurities. However, the best part about water is how easily it can be purified. If health issues related to hard water are coming up in your area, confirming the […]

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