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  • Whole-home water treatment
  • Hard-water problems with city water
  • Water softening and conditioning for municipal and well water
  • Water filtration, including removal of PFAS and other contaminants
  • Point-of-use and reverse osmosis systems

Just fill in the form to request a free water quality analysis. We’ll analyze your water for hard water particles, contaminants, or other chemicals that could be negatively impacting your health, increasing your costs, or making your water taste bad.

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    Houston Water Solution offers a range of products and solutions for every kind of water need.

    Whole-Home Water Treatment

    We have a number of different whole-home water treatment solutions that can help your whole family enjoy better tasting water, eliminate hard water problems and remove harmful contaminants.

    Water Softeners and Treatment Systems

    Our whole-home water softeners/conditioners will help you enjoy softer skin, cleaner dishes, and less cleanup with water that’s gentle on you and your home.

    PFOA/PFOS - Cyst & Lead Removal

    Did you know that Houston water has 13 contaminants that exceeded its safety guidelines. Read more in our article contaminants found in Houston

    Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

    Elevate the water you drink at the point of use, through a reverse osmosis water system that will remove harmful contaminants such as lead, PFAS, bacteria, and other water contaminants.


    How do I bypass my whole-home water treatment system?

    At the top of the media tank, behind the computer control head, there will be 2 valves. They will be black in color and will have arrows to guide you on which direction to turn them. Turning both will allow you to bypass the system and still receive water from the main water line to the home.

    How do I bypass my reverse osmosis system?

    On your reverse osmosis tank, there is a small blue valve and if turned perpendicular will stop water from entering the tank. Next, there will be an identical blue valve on the water line by the filters. Turn the second blue valve perpendicular, this will completely bypass the reverse osmosis system.

    How much salt should I keep inside my system’s brine tank?

    The brine tank should be 1/3 filled with salt to allow the tank to fill with water during regeneration. Check your system’s level of salt once a month to ensure that it is 1/3 filled with salt.

    What should I do to care for my system in the event of freezing/cold weather?

    If your system is located outside of the garage, wrap any piping in a towel or blanket, although we have already insulated your piping for you. Regardless of the location of  your system,  leave a steady drip at your faucets as normal and do not bypass the system.


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    At Houston Water Solutions, not only do we provide solutions for residential "municipal water" customers, we also provide solutions for well water and commercial needs! We are the trusted  Independent Service Provider for Starbuck's, DutchBro's, Chili's, and many more. We send a water treatment specialist to the home or business for a free analysis of the water quality AND home or business to formulate the perfect product for YOUR specific needs.

    • Starbucks
    • DutchBro’s
    • Scooter’s Coffee
    • Fat Tuesday’s
    • Chili’s
    • Dunkin Donuts

    Houston Water Solutions is your INDEPENDENT SERVICE PROVIDER FOR PENTAIR INSTALLING AND SERVICING of  Pentair water filtration for your favorite coffee shops and restaurants including Starbuck’s, DutchBro’s, and Fat Tuesday’s in the entire Houston and surrounding area.

    Ready to begin your journey to cleaner water for you and your family!