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Ed R

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the sales people were easy to talk to very knowledgeable and nice people the install guys Nicholas and Charles were great guys I would recommend them


Chabelita M

Chabelita M on Facebook

They are an awesome team!! They explained and showed us everything on how their system works to clean the water. They are very professional and will answer any question or concerns you may have. This system will save you a lot of money for

Chabelita M

Nicole W

Nicole W on Facebook

The guys that installed our system were very professional and got the job done in a timely manner. I highly recommend

Nicole W

Tiamae D

Tiamae D on Facebook
These guys were amazing! The layout of our home made for a pretty big challenge when it came to installation. They worked hard and fast to come up with a good solution. They even brought in a crew from out of town to get the

Tiamae D

Jj Vtorres

Jj Vitorres on Facebook

Juan, Anthony, (sales) Nicholas, and Charles (installation) were awesome. The demonstration was very interesting and clearly explained. I felt comfortable with the guys and their work. Very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent pricing for quality service and product. Definitely

Jj Vtorres

Zaid A

Zaid A on Facebook

Cristal was amazing! She did great job explaining everything! Recommend everyone to ask for her! I’ve been in sales for so long and never seen someone as good as

Zaid A

De’Shawn S

De'Shawn S on Facebook
Matt and Lauryn stopped by and did a demo on how bad the quality of our water was in our home. Needless to say, I’m thankful we invested in the water purification system. The water tastes a lot better and it helps a ton with

De'Shawn S

Christie P

Christie P on Facebook
Lauryn and Matt came out today and did a great job showing us how gross our tap water is. Literally disgusting! Did not feel pressured at all to purchase the system. Not to mention the FREEBIES! Can’t wait to have it installed tomorrow! Thanks, Matt

Christie P

Brenda R

Brenda R on Facebook

I love the service I received from Lauryn and the guys! Very

Brenda R

Cornelius N

Cornelius N on Facebook
Water solutions its a great company to be part of. We are a household of four and we notice a great difference.. We have a peace of mind knowing we getting the best and cleanest water available for our family.if Lauryn would have never knocked

Cornelus N

Completed Projects See some of the work we've done for customers just like you!

A photo of our 400 series water softener installed in a home.

400 Series Install

A water softener installed in a shed for a home in Houston.

Install in Shed PT2

An outside installation of a Houston Water Solutions treatment system.

Outside Install

A Pro Elite water softener installed in a home garage.

Pro Elite Install

A shed that houses a recently installed home water softener.

Install in Customer Shed

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    The Problem Don't let hard water destroy your beautiful home.

    Hard, unconditioned water leaves a trail of destruction everywhere it flows. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even in the water your family drinks, mineral deposits and contaminants cause irreversible damage. While many homeowners already have water softening systems in place, they may have no idea where to turn when these systems fail. Houston Water Solutions offers expert water softener repair on top of the installation of the PENTAIR Pro Elite™, the world’s most advanced whole-home water filtration system.

    An example of unsightly mineral build-up in a sink without the use of water conditioners.
    A seal illustrating that Houston Water Solutions is a PENTAIR True Blue Houston water softener dealer

    The Solution PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in HOUSTON, TX

    Houston Water Solutions can add a barrier between you and the chemicals, pollutants, and other unwanted debris floating around in the water supply in your residence. The Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by PENTAIR is the answer to all of your hard water issues, and it costs just pennies a day to operate and maintain. Say “goodbye” to dry skin, rough clothes, and high energy bills and “hello” to fresh, clean water. Water softener repair is also available for most makes and models.

    Features Don't let hard water destroy your beautiful home.

    The PENTAIR Pro Elite is an efficient workhorse that operates around-the-clock to remove even the toughest minerals from your water. Featuring smart technology, the Pro Elite boasts a fully digital control that automatically adjusts based on a home’s current water usage. Memory backups and corrosion-resistant materials mean the Pro Elite never forgets and never fails to deliver. The Pro Elite regenerates only when necessary and alerts itself of even the slightest change in the quality of your water.

    A homeowner shows off a glass of pure, clean water after using a Houston water softener.
    Softer laundry illustrates one of the benefits of using a Houston water softener.

    The Benefits PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in HOUSTON, TX

    Houston Water Solutions is dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifestyle you didn’t even know was an option. The Pro Elite can cut cleaning supply costs by 50% and reduce energy bills by allowing appliances to work at peak performance. Cleaner rinsing clothes means delicate fabrics stay softer and retain color longer. Switching from hard water to water filtered by the Pro Elite is a change you can feel. Houston Water Solutions can also take care of your water softener repair and installation needs.